Tektronix BERT Products Front Panel Connector Style and Replacement Part Number


I have lost or damaged one of the front panel signal connectors on my Tektronix BERT scope.  How do I obtain a replacement connector?


A replacement connector is Tektronix p/n 131906200.  These connectors are designed to be easily replaceable as they unscrew from the permant front panel input connector.  When damaged, you remove the damaged connector and replace with a new connector.

Image of connector went removed from instrument:


This connector and base connector style is part of the PLANAR CROWN ® Universal Connector System.

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: BERTScope BSA Series

Product: BSA12500A, BSA125C, BSA175C, BSA260C, BSA85C, BSA85CPG, BSA125CPG, BSA175CPG, BSA260CPG

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