Resistivity Measurement with 8009


How to configure and make resistivity measurements using Model 6487 picoammeter and Model 8009 resistivity test chamber?


Model 6487 is a picoammeter with a voltage source.
It acts like the 6517B for the resistivity measurement but does not calculate the resistivity, only resistance.
So it will source the voltage and measure the current, then calculate the resistance.
You have to apply the volume or surface resistivity factor derived for the Model 8009 test fixture.  See Model 8009 instruction manual for more details.
For surface it is 53.4.
For volume it is 22.9.

To configure the 6487 and 8009 to make this measurement follow the below steps.
1. Connect the triax on the 6487 to the triax on the 8009. Connect the voltage source HI and LO on the 6487 to the voltage inputs on the 8009 HI and LO. Connect the interlock between the 8009 and 6487.
2. Place the sample to be measured into the 8009 and close the lid.
3. Set the amount of voltage to output on the 6487 (E.g. 100V).
4. Set the appropriate amount of current compliance on the 6487.
5. Enable the output on the 6487.
6. Press ZCHK(Zero Check) on the 6487 to disable zero check.
7. Select either I or Ohms to make the measurement. If you choose ohms, then take the measurement from the front panel display.
8. Now multiply by 53.4 for surface resistivity (Ohms/square) or 22.9 for volume resistivity (Ohms-cm).

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Product Series: Keithley Series 6400 Picoammeters

Product: 6487, 8009

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