4200-SCS KTEI V9.1 Service Pack 2

4200-SCS KTE Interactive V9.1 Service Pack 2 includes all changes from KTEI V9.1 Service Pack 1, plus additional enhancements and fixes for known bugs. This service pack is to be installed on top of either KTEI V9.1 or V9.1 Service Pack 1 software on a 4200-SCS running Windows 7.

  • 릴리스 날짜:
  • 부품 번호: 4200-KTEI-V9.1SP2

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This software applies to: 4200-SCS-PK1, 4200-SCS-PK2, 4200-SCS-PK3, 4200-SCS/C, 4200-SCS/F, 4200-OS-UPGRADE, 4200-COMPLETE-REFURB, 4200-SCS/C-NOSMU, 4200-SCS/F-NOSMU


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