PCI Express용 TLA7SA00 로직 프로토콜 애널라이저

PCI Express용 TLA7SA00 로직 프로토콜 애널라이저

TLA7SA00 시리즈 로직 프로토콜 애널라이저는 물리층에서 트랜잭션 계층을 포괄하는 프로토콜의 모든 계층에 적용되는 PCI Express 검증에 대해 혁신적인 접근 방식을 제시합니다. 풍부한 기능의 소프트웨어가 통계 요약 정보를 볼 때와 혁신적인 트랜잭션 및 요약 프로파일 창을 사용한 프로토콜 분석에서 뛰어난 정보 밀도를 제공합니다. 하드웨어 가속, OpenEYE, ScopePHY, FastSYNC 등의 하드웨어 기능으로 데이터에 빠른 액세스를 제공하며 테스트 시스템에 대한 신뢰 구축 기간을 단축할 수 있으며, 강력한 트리거 및 필터링 기능으로 측정하려는 데이터에 신속하게 접근할 수 있습니다. 다양한 폼팩터 및 애플리케이션에 적합한 완벽한 프로빙 솔루션 제품군입니다.



OpenEYE Equalization You can probe anywhere on the bus thanks to OpenEYE Technology with automatic tuning equalization circuitry
ScopePHY Probing Quickly gain confidence that your setup is correct and your PCI signal meets probe input requirements by routing any signal directly to a high bandwidth Oscilloscope
FastSYNC Guaranteed resynchronization time to be <12 FTS1 (PCIe2) or <4 FTS2 (PCIe3) regardless of the Electrical Idle time for Advanced Power State Management performance
Data Storage and HW Accelerated Search Get access to data and execute searches on any pattern in seconds regardless of record length
Comprehensive Trigger System Quickly build a trigger definition to trigger on the most elusive PCIe events occurring on Link
Innovative Data Views Get unprecedented visibility into your data from Protocol to Physical layer
  • Observe and Analyze Link based behavior of protocol elements (transactions, packets, fields, ordered sets) with the Transaction Window
  • Get high-ground visibility of system issues involving flow control with Unique Bird’s EyE View integrated into the Transaction window
  • Get a data rich statistics based view of all PCIe protocol elements through summary Profile Window
  • Get insight into physical layer details with the unique Listing window showing packet details as well as lane by lane symbol decode
MultiBus Correlation Get full system visibility of multiple busses (DDR, PCIe, QPI, etc) as well as other system level activity through the legacy power of the Logic Analyzer functionality
Cross-bus Analysis Reveals Interactions and Speeds Troubleshooting

Cross-bus analysis has become an indispensable troubleshooting methodology. This application note discusses how the powerful new logic analysis solution from Tektronix can speed your cross-bus troubleshooting requirements
Literature number: 52W-21073-0
애플리케이션 노트 08 Aug 2017
Tektronix TLA7SA00 Series Logic Protocol Analyzer Wins Best in Test Award

End-to-End Solution for PCIe 1.0/2.0/3.0 Debug Captures Attention in Bus Analyzers Category for Test & Measurement World’s Annual Award Competition
수상 08 Aug 2017
Tektronix Named Finalist in Prestigious 2010 EDN Innovation Awards Competition

TLA7SAxx Series Logic Protocol Analyzer for PCI Express 3.0 in the Running for Innovation of the Year; Test and Measurement Systems and Boards Category
수상 08 Aug 2017
시리얼 데이터 적합성 및 검증의 기본

본 입문서는 시리얼 데이터 트랜스미션의 일반적인 사항을 이해하는데 도움을 주고자 만들어진 자료로 새로운 직렬 기술에 응용할 수 있는 아날로그 및 디지털 측정 요구 사항에 대해 설명하고 있습니다.
Literature number: 55W-16736-3
입문서 08 Aug 2017
Tektronix Logic Analyzer Family
This document supports TLA Application Software V6.1 and above. This document contains safety, environmental, and compliance information for your Tektronix TLA7000 Series and TLA6400 Series Logic…
Product Safety & Compliance Instructions
Part number: 071259106
통합 사용자/서비스 17 Feb 2016
TLA7SA00 Logic Protocol Analyzer Datasheet
TLA7SA00 Series Datasheet
The TLA7SA00 Series logic protocol analyzer modules provide an innovative approach to PCI Express validation that spans all layers of the protocol from the physical layer to the transaction layer. Feature rich software provides improved information…
Literature number: 52W-25691-10
데이터 시트 25 Feb 2015
Hunting PCIE Flow Control Bugs

This white paper describes in detail the use of the Bird's Eye View (BEV), a completely new visualization, to investigate flow control.
Literature number: 54W-27060-0
팩트 시트 20 May 2014
PCI Express Power State Management Validation and Debug
Using the Tektronix Logic Protocol Analyzer

Measurement tools, ranging from real-time oscilloscopes to Logic Protocol Analyzers and signal sources, help engineers deal with PCI Express measurement challenges.
Literature number: 52W-26726-0
백서 12 May 2014
TLA7SA00 One-click Calibration

Efficiently Tuning the Tektronix TLA7SA00 Logic Protocol Analyzer
Literature number: 52W-27493-0
백서 12 May 2014
TLA7AS00 Logic Protocol Analyzer Setup Window

Using the “Soft” Front Panel of the TLA7AS00 Logic Protocol Analyzer for Diagnosing Link Health
Literature number: 52W-27494-0
백서 12 May 2014

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