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ADMedida Instrumentação, Lda

ADMedida Instrumentação, Lda ADMedida Instrumentação, Lda is a young company with a very old and respectable background of over 25 years in the test and measurement market in Portugal. It joins very experienced sales engineers with a mother company operating for over 20 years in the same sector, with the goal to serve the Portuguese Industry, Services, Education and Research and Education sectors as the main supplier for this kind of tools in the near future. Their offer is very complete and ensures a prime response to the largest portion of the market, but still serving all the niche applications that they consider as the future trend and higher growth in this region.

Product Specialization

All Oscilloscopes, Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Signal Sources, Spectrum Analysers, Frequency Counters, Power Supplies, Probes and Accessories, Keithley Products, USB Spectrum Analyzers.


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Portugal Carnaxide, 전화:+351 215 881 474

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