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EMCO Elektronik GmbH

EMCO Elektronik GmbH EMCO Elektronik GmbH presents itself as an exclusive technical sales representative and value-added partner for electronic components, instruments and measurement techniques in the application areas EMC, RF, Microwave, SATCOM and Space. Their portfolio ranges from pure component technology (active and passive) to complex, customized measuring devices. For example they deliver broadband amplifier systems and modules, high-frequency counter, programmable and adjustable attenuators, circulators, oscillators, pulse generators, microwaves, cables, bias tees, DC blocks, coaxial components, calibration kits, power meter, signal generators, noise generators, coaxial - and waveguide adapters, waveguide trains, test port cables and connectors, sliding loads, fiber optic data transmission systems up to complete customized laboratories. Their objective is the expert advice and recording of complex customer requirements and the development of efficient and cost-oriented solution concepts.

Product Specialization

RSA306, TSG4100A, PSPL products and USB Spectrum Analyzers.


Countries Served

Austria, Germany, Switzerland


국가 City/State or Province 연락처
Germany Planegg, Bayern 전화:+49 (89) 895 56 50 Fax:+49 (89) 895 90 376

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