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Eastronics Ltd

Eastronics is the leading Israeli distributor of prominent international manufacturers. In order to promote their wide range of products, it employs a large group of professional and dedicated sales and application engineers, service engineers and supporting logistics and administrative personnel.

Product Specialization

DPO2000/DPO3000/4000 Series Oscilloscopes, AFG3000 Signal Sources, DMM4000 Multimeters, MSO2000/MSO4000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, TLA5000B Logic Analyzer, Performance signal sources, 5000 scopes, 6000-7000 scopes, 70000 scopes, LA solutions, TLA5000s, TLA7000s, Probes and accessories, Wireless Field Test, Real Time Spectrum Analysers, Diagnostics, Video Test Equipment, MPEG Segment, Network Management and Network Monitoring, USB Spectrum Analyzers.


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국가 City/State or Province 연락처
Israel Tel-Aviv, 전화:+972(3)6458777 Fax:+972(3)6458666

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