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Delivering solutions for over a decade Fast, Precise & Customized has always been our mantra. Optimized Solutions established in 2005, has been providing TMI and automated solutions to the industry for over a decade. We have worked with engineers and scientists to tackle the most complicated of problems. It is this pursuit of delivering the quality solutions that has helped us to plant firm roots in the industry. Let’s get you connected With an expert team in place, Optimized Solutions has a large degree of experience in low cost, rugged and fully embedded IOT solutions. We have built several advance feature embedded products. We also provide some customized embedded solutions to help an organization meet its needs. Click here to learn more about our Internet of Things. Let’s help you look at the problem Optimized Solutions provides you next level solutions for understanding and monitoring the health of your devices and equipment by harnessing the power of thermography and optical imaging.

Product Specialization

Digital Storage, Digital Phosphor and Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes, Power Analyzers, DC Power Supplies and Electronic Load, Logic Analyzers, Optical Modulation Analyzer, Arbitrary Function ,Waveform and Vector Signal Generators, Keithley Source Measure Units,DMMs and DAQs, RF Spectrum Analyzer and USB Spectrum Analyzer .


Countries Served

India, India, India, India


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India Ahmedabad, Gujarat 전화:+91 (79) 30080808 Fax:+91 (79) 26574560

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