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恩泰香港有限公司 Yan Thai (HK) Co. Ltd

恩泰香港有限公司 Yan Thai (HK) Co. Ltd Yan Thai (Hong Kong) Company Limited was found in 1977. Its mission is to develop and market products that make use of testing instrumental technology. Dedicated entrepreneurs who have in depth knowledge of technology trends manage the company. With our extensive network by various worldwide best manufactures, we provide the optimum solution of testing instruments.

Product Specialization

Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, Probes, Accessories, Software


  • 전화: - +86 (852) 23690377
  • Fax: - +86 (852) 27396557

Countries Served

China, Hong Kong


국가 City/State or Province 연락처
Hong Kong Kowloon, 전화:+86 (852) 23690377 Fax:+86 (852) 27396557

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