AWG70000 시리즈 및 SourceXpress용 광학 플러그 인

광학 파형 발생 플러그 인은 광통신 구성 요소 및 기타 장치를 테스트하기 위해 복잡한 변조 체계를 갖는 광학 고객의 요구를 만족시킵니다. 광학 신호 플러그 인은 SourceXpress 파생 생성 플랫폼과 AWG70000A 시리즈 임의 파형 발생기 둘 다에 통합됩니다.

평가판 라이센스 요청

기본 가격
US $6,750 - US $10,900
Optical Plug-In for AWG70000 Series and SourceXpress
Features Benefits
Simple Definition of Single or Dual Polarization Modulation Easily define complex dual polarization modulation schemes with separately configured baseband data. Independently adjust baseband offset for both X and Y data streams.
Pre-loaded Access to Commonly Used Modulations Define optical waveforms using a variety of predefined modulation schemes such as, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, OOK, NRZ, up to 8 PAM, and up to QAM1024 – including QAM8. Define and apply custom modulation schemes.
Flexible Data Source Selection Generate data streams from variety of predefined patterns, a PRBS 31 generator, or define your own custom arbitrary data stream.
S-Parameter Emulation (needs license) Scattering parameters can be directly convolved with the base pattern to recreate the channel characteristics. By applying an inverse filter, the effects of the channel can be de-embedded from the signal. Cascading S-Parameters allows you to cascade up to six Touchstone files of the same format to emulate a cascaded channel.
System Level Precompensation (needs license) Compensate Baseband (IQ) Signals for both Magnitude and Phase, along with correction for skew between I and Q channel for the first and second Nyquist zones of the AWG. Define the LO frequency and choose to get correction coefficients for either lower side band or upper side band, as well as define the carrier frequency.
The pre-compensation plug-in works for a variety of modulations, waveform types, and applications including RF, IF, or IQ and NRZ signals IQ.
Offline Mode Plug-ins are designed to also run on an external PC via the SourceXpress PC application, thereby reducing the time taken to synthesize large waveforms and leaving the AWG70000A instruments free for continued testing.
Seamless Transition Between Design and Playback The easy to use graphical user interface integrates seamlessly with the Tektronix AWG70000A series user interface and the SourceXpress PC application.
Designed for Integration for Automated Test or Manufacturing The Optical Signal Plug-in has support for a Programmatic Interface, allowing for immediate integration into existing workflows.