RF Test Videos

Tektronix delivers the signal generation and analysis capabilities required to overcome the most challenging microwave and RF design challenges with confidence.






  • AESA Radar Applications and Market Trends Webinar
    This webinar covers an overview of radar types and applications, including the current status and future trends of AESA radar systems.
  • Power Measurements of WLAN (FCC 15.407)
    The FCC requires the measurement of Channel Power using specific prescribed methods. John Dement of Tektronix demonstrates the measurement of RF channel power that is referenced in established procedures for IEEE 802.11 WiFi devices. The RSA 5000 series makes these measurements a snap with setups to provide occupied bandwidth and channel power.
  • Power Measurement of WLAN using DPX - Real Time Signal Analysis
    The RSA 5000 series Real Time Signal Analyzer with DPX Technology makes the trending and detailed measurements of RF behavior of complex modulations a breeze. The display gives intuitive insight into peak excursion, average channel power and instantaneous spectral performance. John Dement of Tektronix provides the colorful details.
  • Fundamentals of Radar Measurements Webinar
    This seminar focuses on the Automatic Measurement - theory of operation - using Tektronix signal analysis and generation tools. This presentation starts with an overview of common tools used for the testing of radars and important measurement parameters impacting measurement results. It then focuses on the Theory of Operation for the Automatic Pulse Measurements that are available on the latest Tektronix Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzer products. In conclusion it discusses the challenges and solutions for Signal Generation.
  • Challenges and Solutions for Testing Frequency Hopping Radios Webinar
    This webinar provides an overview for the design and test topics of radios with frequency hopping techniques which have been gaining popularity in today’s crowded RF spectrum world. This includes typical test challenges for frequency hopping radio designs and how Tektronix solutions improve insight into your designs and speed time-to-market.
  • Introducing RTSA with DPX Technology Demo
    This tutorial describes the DPX™ Spectrum display and how it addresses situations involving brief, intermittent, complex and coincident signals. Also covered are the methods for achieving its key performance specifications: 1 Detection and measurements on a signal as short as 24 ms and 2 48,828 spectral transforms per second, compressed into a display that is even easier to read than a conventional spectrum trace.
  • Radar Testing Simplified Webinar
    Learn about the latest advanced measurements for chirped radar, hopped radar and very wideband radars. Duration: 28 minutes Speaker: Darren McCarthy, Tektronix RF Technical Marketing Manager
  • Greening of Wireless Webinar
    Mesuro and Tektronix introduce a new open loop active load pull technique for the design of complex, highly efficient power amplifiers, necessary for reducing the power consumption of tomorrow’s mobile infrastructure. The method utilizing microwave sampling scope technology to simultaneously capture waveform data ranging from DC to several tens of GHz is demonstrated.
  • EMI Diagnostics Using the RSA6100A Webinar
    This webinar looks at the history of Electromagnetic Interference and regulatory compliance, and discover how the historically developed methods of measurements have limitations in today's complex signal environment. It also examines the filters, detectors and averaging methods used to make EMI measurements, with a discussion of why they are defined the way they are. Advantages and limitations of the RSA6100A implementation are also discussed. Finally, it shows the RSA6100A in a common diagnostics application and see how the new capabilities of RTSAs can be used to reduce troubleshooting time in EMC diagnostics.
  • Spectrum Management Overview Webinar
    In our new webinar on RF spectrum management, we discuss real-time spectrum analysis tools, and how they have become the game-changer in spectrum management. Duration: 32 minutes.
  • Digital Modulation Video
    This video gives an overview of the time-correlated multi-domain analysis capabilities of the RSA3000 series spectrum analyzer.
  • Transient Signal Analysis Video
    This video shows an example of how to isolate and analyze time and frequency varying signals using the RSA3000 series spectrum analyzer.
  • High Power Nonlinear Measurements Webinar
    Accurate non-linear device characterization is the key to designing amplifiers at theoretical operating efficiencies. As traditional models have been limited by measurement systems that cannot operate at high power/gamma ratios, measurements using open-loop active harmonic load pull enable complete measurements and emulate the power and impedances the devices will see in the real world. This webinar discusses this new measurement technology.
  • PHY and Protocol Testing Guidance for the Latest MIPI Standards
    Attend this 40 minute webinar followed by an interactive chat session with Tektronix' Chris Loberg, to review the most recent advancements in the MIPI family of interface standards. Returning from the recent MIPI Alliance meeting in June, Chris will also provide you with testing guidance on how to approach debug, verify and characterization steps using Tektronix test equipment for your MIPI-enable device designs.
  • Pulse Analysis Using the RSA6100 and DPX Video
    This video demonstrates the ease of use of the pulse analysis capability on the RSA3000 series spectrum analyzer. With over 20 automatic scalar and vector pulse measurement, the RSA3000 simplifies the analysis of pulsed radio and radar signals.
  • Frequency Mask Trigger Video
    This video shows the simple operation of the Frequency Mask Trigger function on the RSA3000 series spectrum analyzer. Unlike power level triggering, use Frequency Mask Triggering to isolate small signals in the presence of larger ones, or events where a signal changes frequency, but not power.
  • H600/SA2600: Spectrogram Features Video
    This video user guide describes the Spectrogram features of the H600/SA2600 Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Pulse Analysis Using the RSA3000 Video
    This video demonstrates the ease of use of the pulse analysis capability on the RSA3000 series spectrum analyzer. With over 20 automatic scalar and vector pulse measurement, the RSA3000 simplifies the analysis of pulsed radio and radar signals.
  • RSA3000 Spectrogram Overview Video
    This video shows how the spectrogram view on the RSA3000 enables you to seamlessly capture and display long time records of RF signals that change over time.
  • RF Spectrum Management: Field Applications Webinar
    This is a series of three webinars focused on RF Spectrum Management. Part 1 serves as a basis that focuses on real-time technology applied to spectrum management. Part 2 focuses on spectrum monitoring and signal analysis, then discuss some examples of monitoring applications. Part 3 looks at some of the challenges of fielding wireless technologies, and also looks at discovery of signals, locating of signals, and classifying of signals.



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