Design & Test Workshop: Optical Networking and Silicon Photonics

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Tektronix Santa Clara Campus


The growth in optical networking has led to new challenges for design engineers who need to integrate optical PAM-4 capabilities into their networking components or systems. This informative half-day event, featuring guest speakers from Cadence, Tektronix & Yenista, will help design teams prepare for the future of optical PAM-4, FEC, etc. Here is just a sampling of what you and your team will learn in this information-packed half day session:

  • Optical PAM-4 Measurement Validation & Debugging Techniques – With new optical-to-electrical capabilities for real-time oscilloscopes, engineers can now make optical PAM-4 measurements with the benefit of built-in clock recovery and error rate analysis. Learn how to overcome the low PAM-4 Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Channel Effects while you gain insight on improving your margin performance. (Tim Bieber & Prashanth Thota, Tektronix)
  • Silicon Photonics Design Workflow – Integration of design, simulation and layout tools to support silicon photonics product and system designs. (Gilles Lamant, Cadence)
  • Photonics Physical Layer Characterization – Best practices for characterizing polarization, spectral efficiencies of fiber will be discussed. (Lawrence VanDerVegt, Yenista Optics)


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