PSPL5380 Datasheet

PAM-4 Combiner Kit
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The PSPL5380 kit is part of the PatternPro PAM-4 multi-level source and measurement BERT system. The PSPL5380 works with the output from PPG pattern generators to create PAM-4 test signals.

Key performance specifications
  • Works with PatternPro PPG pattern generators to create PAM-4 signals
  • Broad bandwidth with >50 GHz components and 1.85 mm cables
  • Combines LSB and MSB streams to create four level data signals
  • Simple to set up and use

Typical performance

The PSPL5380 PAM-4 Kit uses Tektronix broadband components to combine two high-speed data streams. The PatternPro pattern generator instruments plus the PSPL5380 create a PAM-4 signal source that delivers programmable four level patterns, adjustable amplitude, and adjustable phase. The resulting precision control of the PAM-4 signal is critical to component and design validation testing to both investigate individual component performance and evaluate module level capabilities.

25 Gbaud and 32 Gbaud signals shown below are created by using signals from the PPG3202 PatternPro Programmable Pattern Generator combined into PAM-4 signals using the PSPL5380 PAM-4 kit.


25 Gbaud PAM4 signal using a PSPL5380.


32 Gbaud PAM4 signal using a PSPL5380.

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