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K1297 K1205 Series Protocol Tester

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Features & Benefits

  • Monitoring
    • Decode IP Related Protocols
    • IP Traffic Analyzer
  • Simulation/Emulation
    • IP Emulation Capabilities are Realized in Packet Data Transport Package (see Transport, ISUP, IN Product Summary)


  • Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • IP/SS7

Tektronix offers for K1297/K1205 Protocol Testers the following software packages for IP:

  • Transport Packet Data (see K12XX Software)
  • IP/SS7
  • VoIP
  • IP Applications

K1297/K1205 decodes all needed protocols in the interface between SG (Signaling Gateway) and MGC (Media Gateway Controller), i.e. IP/SS7 (M3UA/SCTP). For UMTS the same functionality is needed and supported for the Iu-PS and the Iur Interface. The interface between MGC and MG (Media Gateway) and also H.323 is decodable (VoIP package). Higher layer applications like HTTP, Radius, Telnet, etc. are also supported. For the K1297-G20, we are offering IP, TCP and UDP emulations as a basis for further developments (see Transport, ISUP, IN product summary). Intelligent data reduction is possible through IP address filtering (Berkeley Filter configurable via LL setup) already on the Ethernet board.

Examples for Test Solutions

Test Solution

Ordering Numbers*1

IP Application

7PK12xx-6JJ 7PK12xx-6TP


7PK12xx-xCJ 7PK12xx-xTC 7PK12xx-xTN 7PK12xx-xJS 7PK12xx-xTP


7PK1221-xCS 7PK1221-xTC 7PK1221-xTN 7PK12xx-xJS 7PK12xx-xTP

*1 For x insert relevant code: 05 for K1205, 21 for K1297-G20 application, 6 for monitoring, 7 for simulation/emulation.

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