PSPL5589 Datasheet

PSPL5589 2.8 GHz High Current Bias Tee Datasheet
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The PSPL5589 High Current Bias Tee is intended for frequency domain, high current applications. Unlike most high current bias tees that typically are specified for only an octave band, this bias tee can typically cover a decade. The DC input is a solder terminal feed-thru capacitor.

Key performance specifications
  • 0.3 GHz to 2.8 GHz
  • 100 V, 7 A

Typical performance


Insertion Loss, S21. 0.5 dB/div, top line is the 0 dB reference.


Return Loss, S11. 5 dB/div, top line is the 0 dB reference.


Parameter Symbol Units Minimum Typical Maximum Comments
Impedance Z ohms   50     
Frequency range f GHz   0.3 to 2.8  0.45 to 2.6    IL 10 dB IL 15 dB
Insertion loss S21 dB   0.05    At 1.5 GHz
Input (AC), Return loss S11 dB   >25    Mid band, AC port
DC voltage V V     100   
DC current I A      
Capacitance (bypass) C nF   22     
Capacitance C nF      
Inductance L nH   51     
Resistance R ohms   0.015     
RF power P W     100  Average power
Isolation S13 dB   >50     
DC path bandwidth fc,DC kHz   275     
Temperature T °C -55    +125  Storage and operating
RF connectors SMA jacks (f)
DC connector Solder pin
Warranty One year
Mechanical dimensions

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