PSPL5542K Datasheet

PSPL5542K Kelvin Bias Tee Datasheet
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The PSPL5542K is an ultra-broadband, coaxial dual bias insertion tee and DC blocking capacitor. It passes ultra-fast rise pulses with a minimum of waveform distortion. Its rise time is only 7 ps. The frequency response is flat over many decades, and the -3 dB bandwidth extends from 12 kHz to beyond 40 GHz. The 2.92 mm connector is mechanically and electrically compatible with SMA and 3.5 mm connectors. Both biasing networks are connected to the AC+DC Port. This bias tee is intended for Kelvin measurements in which a DC bias current is supplied through one biasing network, and the DC voltage is measured using the other. It is packaged in an extremely compact housing.

Key performance specifications
  • 12 kHz to >40 GHz
  • 7 ps rise time
  • 16 V, 100 mA

Typical performance

In the following plots, the Linear sweep is from 0.04 to 40 GHz (4 GHz/div), the AC connector is input (port 1), and the AC+DC connector is output (port 2).


Insertion Loss, S21


Group Delay, S21


Return Loss, S11


Step Response, 20 ps/div


2% rho/div, 100 ps/div; 25 ps TDR of AC input port


Log sweep from 10 kHz to 50 GHz. Insertion loss scale is 0.5 dB/div. Return loss scale is 5 dB/div


Parameter Symbol Units Minimum Typical Maximum Comments
Impedance Z ohms   50     
Upper 3 dB frequency fc,h GHz 40       
Lower 3 dB frequency fc,l kHz   12     
Rise time tr ps     10 – 90%
Insertion loss S21 dB   0.2    Mid-band
Return loss S11 dB   >20 
  1 MHz to 4 GHz
DC voltage V V     16   
DC current I mA     100  Each path
Capacitance C μF   0.22    -50%, +80%
Inductance L mH   1.5    +/-20% each path
Resistance R ohms   5.6    Each path
RF power P W     Avg.,
Isolation S13 dB   >50    f > 100 MHz
DC path bandwidth fc,DC kHz      
Delay Td ps   140    AC to AC+DC port
RF Connectors 2.9 mm jacks (f)
DC Connectors Solder pin
Warranty One year


Mechanical dimensions

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