PSPL5867 Datasheet

15 GHz Linear Amplifier
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The PSPL5867 is a broadband linear amplifier intended for use amplifying signals with a minimum amount of distortion. The PSPL5867 demonstrates exceptional gain flatness and low deviation from linear phase while providing a bandwidth of 10 kHz to 15 GHz. This amplifier is ideal for use as a linear gain block in applications such as 12.5 Gb/s fiber optic receiver channels.

Key performance specifications
  • Broadband linear amplifier with 15 dB gain
  • 10 kHz to 15 GHz bandwidth
  • Low deviation from linear phase (±3 degrees)
  • 1 dB compression point of 13 dBm
  • RF power detection

Typical performance



Parameter Symbol Units Minimum Typical Maximum Comments
Impedance Z Ohms   50     
Upper 3 dB freq. fc,h GHz 14  15    3 dB roll-off point
Lower 3 dB freq. fc,l kHz   10  20  3 dB roll-off point
Small Signal Gain S21  dB 13  15  16  Avg. at 1 GHz and 2 GHz
Gain Flatness   dB   +/-0.3  +/-0.5  50 MHz
Deviation from Linear Phase   deg   +/-3  +/-5  50 MHz
Return Loss, Input S11 dB     -10  50 MHz
Return Loss, Output S22 dB     -10 
50 MHz 14 GHz ≤ f
Eff. Input RMS Noise Voltage   μV rms   99     
Noise Figure NF dB   5.0  7.0  f > 50 MHz
Max Power Out
(-1 dB gain comp)
  dBm 10  13     
Power Detector RF Bandwidth   GHz   15     
Power Detector Output Bandwidth (video)   kHz   20     
Power Detector Output Voltage Range   VDC 3.4  4.0  4.6  At 12 dBm RF output
Polarity Inverting
Coupling AC, input and output
RF Connectors SMA jacks (f)
DC Connector Solder pins
Supply Voltage (+) +VDC VDC 7.5  8.5   
Supply Voltage (-) -VDC VDC -5.5  -5  -4.5   
Supply Current (+) +IDC mA   105     
Supply Current (-) -IDC mA      
Power Dissipation Pdiss W   1.0  1.5   
Max Allowed Input   dBm     15  Input damage threshold
Input DC Bias Range Vbias VDC -10    Input is AC coupled
Output DC Bias Range Vbias VDC -5    13  Output is AC coupled
Operating Temp TCASE Deg C   75  Case temperature
Storage Temp Tstor Deg C -40    125   
Warranty One Year
Mechanical dimensions

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