80A02 EOS ESD Isolation Module Datasheet

80A02 EOS/ESD Isolation Module Datasheet for the DSA8300

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The 80A02 EOS/ESD Isolation module protects the sampling bridge of Tektronix DSA8300 1 electrical sampling module inputs from damage due to electro-overstress (EOS) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) from circuit boards and cables. The 80A02 is for applications such as electrical TDR circuit board testing and cable testing where large static charges can be stored in the DUT.

1Also compatible with DSA8200, TDS/CSA8200, TDS/CSA8000B, and TDS/CSA8000 sampling oscilloscopes.

Key features
  • Single-channel electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electro-overstress (EOS) damage protection for Tektronix DSA8300 electrical sampling modules

  • Plugs into and is powered from sampling mainframe
  • Compatible with Tektronix extender cables
  • Electrical sampling module input isolation for high-speed electrical signal analysis
  • Circuit-board controlled impedance testing (TDR)

The 80A02

The 80A02 plugs into any available electrical sampling module plug-in slot of the DSA/TDS/CSA8K Series, legacy CSA11K Series, or legacy CSA803 Series sampling oscilloscopes.

The 80A02 provides a front-panel SMA connector to connect the SMA test cable or probe signal from the DUT. The 80A02 passes the acquired DUT signal to a connected electrical sampling module input for measurement after an actuating control (from the matching P80318 or P8018 high-performance probe, or customer-provided external switch, TTL, or CMOS control logic input) signals the 80A02 that the DUT has been grounded to discharge any electrostatic charge remaining in the DUT.

When used with either matching P80318 or P8018 20 GHz handheld probe (with probe tip pressure actuating feature) the 80A02 provides a superior technique and performance capability for electrical sampling module EOS/ESD protection of acquired electrical signal and TDR measurement. (See P80318 or P8018 product description.)

You can combine the 80A02 with an 80A09 ESD Protection device to further protect sensitive module inputs from voltage spikes that can occur from operator error during highly repetitive tasks. See the 80A09 datasheet for more information (85W-30138-xx). 1

1 The 80A09 is not intended for use in applications where long-duration high-voltage spikes occur, such as in PCB manufacturing and cable test. Use the 80A02 EOS/ESD Isolation Module for these conditions (alone or in combination with an 80A09).


>25 GHz
Applicable mainframes
DSA8300 Series, DSA8200 Series, TDS8000 Series, CSA8000 Series, CSA11800 Series, CSA803 Series
Connector type
SMA female
Manual control input
Open circuit for DUT discharging standby state; Closed circuit (
Automated control input
Open circuit or logic low (1.0 V) for measurement
Control signal connector
Audio stereo phone mini-jack
Switching time, typical
20 ms

Ordering information

EOS/ESD Isolation Module, single channel
Standard accessories
80A02 user manual
SMA 50 Ω termination cap
20 GHz SMA cable, 12 inches
Recommended accessories
SlotSaver Adapter Extender Cable. Provides power and control to the 80A02 when operated externally from the DSA/TDS/CSA mainframe, saving slot space (compatible with 80A06 1 and 80A02).

1 Not compatible with DSA8300.

90 days.
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