Sample programs to control AWG by GPIB and LAN connection. Software addresses AwgReceive read operation in the socket communication. The AwgRecieve can not always read message until LF because AwgReceive calls the ``recv`` function, the read function once. This update adds AwgReceiveMessage function in awgLib.dll. This routine will wait for the LF char. Also added is AwgReceiveBuffer. This routine will wait until the buffer is filled. Both of AwgReceiveMessage and AwgReceiveBuffer calls AwgReceive internally. AwgReceiveMessage and AwgReceiveBuffer share the ``savedBuffer``. Client.exe will have `l` (read until LF) command in addition to `r` command. The Visual Basic sample has been modified to call AwgReceiveMessage, instead of AwgReceive.

  • Version: V1.2
  • Software Type: 애플리케이션
  • 릴리스 날짜:
  • 부품 번호: 066049300

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This software applies to: AWG610, AWG710


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