400G 광학 및 전기 Tx

텍트로닉스는 400G 네트워킹 기술에 대해 표준 호환 Tx 및 코히런트(Coherent) 광학 테스트를 수행하는 데 필요한 지원, 전문 지식 및 장비를 제공합니다. NRZ, 다중 레벨 변조 및 복잡한 코히런트(Coherent) 변조 형식용의 포괄적인 400Gb/s 송신기 테스트 도구를 제공하는 테스트 및 측정 기기 공급업체는 텍트로닉스뿐입니다.

텍트로닉스의 Tx 테스트 솔루션

실시간 오실로스코프 DPO70000SX는 범용 설계를 위한 최상의 디버깅 및 분석 기능을 제공하므로 400G 테스트에서의 복잡한 테스트 설정을 단순화합니다.

  • DPO70000SX용 PAM4 소프트웨어는 새로운 OIF-CEI 및 IEEE 표준을 지원하는, 모든 기능을 갖춘 400G 측정 기능을 제공합니다. 데이터 시트 보기 »

샘플링 오실로스코프 DSA8300은 탁월한 동적 범위를 제공하여 연구 개발 및 제조 테스트의 전기 및 옵틱 기반 신호 모두에서 PAM4 및 TDECQ(Transmitter Distortion Eye Closure Quaternary) 기반 측정에 대한 세부 특성화 작업에 적합합니다.

  • DSA8300용 PAM4 소프트웨어는 새로운 OIF-CEI 및 IEEE 표준을 지원하는, 모든 기능을 갖춘 400G 측정 기능을 제공합니다. 데이터 시트 보기 »

100G용 텍트로닉스 솔루션 보기 »

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100G/400G Datacom Transmitter Measurements: Determining Proper Measurement Tools for 100G/400G Datacom Testing

This application note walks through a number of common misconceptions and key considerations to help you select the proper scope technology (RTO vs. ETO) for your needs.

Overcoming SNDR Measurement Challenges in 100G, 400G Datacom Testing

With important changes occurring in transmitter characterization and measurement methods for 100G and 400G standards (both IEEE and OIF-CEI) it is vital to learn more about SNDR and its advantages, key instrument considerations to account for, and how acquisition bandwidth influences SNDR noise parameters and more.

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Effective Optical Test Strategies for 400G Optical Standards

This webinar discusses how designers and test engineers can determine the most effective optical test strategies for 400G Optical Standards. Learn where PAM-2 and PAM-4 fits, PAM-4 specific Mask Testing- rethinking hit ratios, what is TDEC and how is TDECQ different, and much more.

PAM4 Electrical Webinar

This presentation will review PAM4 measurement methodologies and expand on emerging needs related to FFE reference equalization, clock recovery challenges, BER measurement needs as well as SNDR as it relates to multi-level signaling. 

Maximizing Margins for 4th Gen High Speed Serial Standards

As data rates increase, the effect of cables and fixtures become a larger part of the overall measurement result. Gain insight into the issues and how to solve them for each step of the signal path from the device under test to the oscilloscope.

Electrical Validation of the Type-C Interface

The introduction of the Type-C interface, and its implementation across multiple high-demand serial standards, has created new challenges for developers. This webinar explores the latest updates to the Type-C specification, as they pertain to USB3.1, DisplayPort, and Thunderbolt standards, including Power Delivery.

Practical 400G PAM4 Test Methods - Optical and Electrical Measurement

The accelerated development of 400G Ethernet technology is driving new requirements through the test community as it relates to measuring PAM4 signals for optical and electrical systems. This presentation will review both of these two very different technology fronts and discuss practical elements of physical layer PAM4 testing ranging from 50mm based CEI-XSR specs to 10Km 400GBASE-LR8.

NBASE-T and IEEE802.3bz Technology and Measurements

The rapid growth of ever-more powerful mobile devices, and the adoption of new wireless technologies such as 802.11ac, has enterprise networks struggling to keep pace. An overview of NBASE-T and the emerging IEEE802.3bz standard, as well as key measurement challenges, will be presented in this webinar.

New Technologies for Probing Low Power Circuits Webinar

As designs for mobile devices and computers use lower power circuits in their design, validation testing and debug become more challenging.


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